Twenty Twenty Theme, a Tutorial for New Users

This is a tutorial website.

Twenty Twenty is the default WordPress theme for the year 2020

I built this website using Twenty Twenty theme and as you can see it looks clean and professional. If you have a small service business, a cause to promote or a blog, this theme would be a great choice.

Twenty Twenty theme is easy to use

You only need to learn a few basic settings. Below I’ve listed some of the most important points, I recommend you learn these first.

Three Page Templates

There are three page templates

  • Default Template
  • Cover Template
  • Full Width Template

Color Settings

You can set the background colors. But WordPress sets the text color automatically. This ensures good contrast and makes the text readable. This is confusing at first but it works really well.

Menu & Navbars

You can upload a retina ready logo, so your site looks good on high res MacBooks and iPads. And there are 5 menu locations.

Footer Widget Areas

Twenty Twenty has just two widget areas. They’re in the footer. Twenty Twenty does not have sidebars.

Using Blocks

WordPress Blocks are styled simply but beautifully in this theme. Twenty Twenty is built for the block editor.

Extra Settings

Search icon, author bio, social icons, retina logo & content area bg image. Extra Settings.

Demo Website

I’ve built a companion web site. I use this website for tutorials. The sister website is Twenty Twenty

Twenty Twenty Theme is Built for the Block Editor

More control and beautiful styling.

The Block Editor Rocks!

WordPress was introduced in the year 2003. If you’ve used previous versions of WordPress you’ll have used the Classic Editor. Using the Classic Editor was similar to using a word processor.

In 2019 WordPress introduced a new post editor referred to as Gutenberg, or the Block Editor. The Block Editor enables you to build much more complex layouts than you were able to build using the Classic Editor.

The new layout blocks are styled beautifully in the Twenty Twenty theme.

Why choose Twenty Twenty theme?

There are more than 50.000 themes (off the peg web designs) available for WordPress. Some themes are expensive, some are free and some are better than others. Twenty Twenty is the official WordPress theme for the year 2020. Enough said.

If you’re looking for a theme that’s professional, easy to use and worry free. Twenty Twenty is the obvious choice.

The cover template makes a great homepage for a service professional
Twenty Twenty theme cover template is ideal for service professionals homepages.
Twenty Twenty theme cover template

Learn by doing

I built this site using the WordPress Twenty Twenty. So browsing around this site will show you what the theme looks like. Then follow my tutorials to build your own pages.

I’ve also built a companion website, Twenty Twenty Demo.

A great foundation

As your business or the cause you’re promoting grows, you might want to move on to use marketing funnels and A/B testing etc. But before you can do that you need something to test.

If you start building your site now using the WordPress Twenty Twenty theme, you’ll have a good solid foundation to build on.

Where should you start?

View some example blocks.

Learn about color settings.

Learn about page templates.