Twenty Twenty theme settings


There are three main color settings. Theme colors, cover template colors and individual block colors.

Please note! YOU can choose the background colors for the header, footer and content area of Twenty Twenty theme. But WORDPRESS chooses the text colors automatically. This ensures your text is readable, whatever background color you choose.

Header, footer & body

Theme Colors

You can set the background color for the header, footer and body areas. But WordPress then automatically chooses a text color that will provide good contrast with your background color.

The Cover Template

You can choose the overlay and text colors for the cover template.

Individual blocks

You can add background colors to some individual blocks, such as the paragraph block.

Header, footer & body TEXT colors

Don’t forget, YOU choose the background color, WORDPRESS chooses the text color. This only applies to the header, footer and body text colors.

By Philip Gledhill

I've been building websites since 1995. I usually use Genesis, GeneratePress and Beaver Builder. But Twenty Twenty theme is just so good I couldn't help myself. I had to tell you what a great theme this is in the hope you'll try it out.