Extra Settings

Theme Options

If you go to: Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Theme Options. You will see this dialogue box…

1.) Show search in header

You’ll see a tick box labeled “Show search in header”

If you tick the box labeled “Show search in header”. WordPress will then display a search icon in the header area. When you click the search icon, a search box appears in your website header.

Search icon in navbar
Search icon in navbar

2.) Show author bio

If you go to Dashboard > Users > Your Profile. And look for…

About Yourself, Biographical Info

You can “Share a little biographical information to fill out your profile”. This will display at the bottom of individual blog posts you write.

Your author bio will look something like this…

The Author Bio

3.) On archive pages, posts show:

This setting controls how much text displays on your blog listing page. I use summary, because I just want to show teaser text for each post. The reader can then click the link to read more if they wish.

Adding the social icons to the social menu

To add an icon and a link to your social media pages…

  • Make a new menu
  • Add custom links to your social media pages
  • Go to: Dashboard > Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations. Set the menu that links to your social media pages to display in the Theme Location labeled Social Menu

The menu will display to the right hand side of your Footer Menu. If you use the fly-out menu, the social icons appear at the bottom of that menu.

The Social menu displays to the right of the footer menu
The Social menu displays to the right of the footer menu

Retina logo

You can upload a retina ready logo. The suggested image dimensions for the logo are 120 by 90 pixels. But if you want your logo to look good on MacBooks and high resolution screens, upload a logo twice that size 240 x 180px. Then click the Retina logo tick box in the customizer settings.

Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Site Identity

Normal logo size: 120x90px. Retina logo size 240x180px.
Normal logo size: 120x90px. Retina logo size 240x180px.

Content area background image

Go to: Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Background Image

Here you can upload an image that will display as a background image for the content area of your blog posts and web pages.

But be careful, it’s very easy to make your page text hard to read if you have a busy background image.

Image sizes

The WordPress.org site has a page about Twenty Twenty theme. These are the image sizes WordPress.org recommend.

Quick Specs

  • On a 1440px laptop screen, the main column width is up to 580px wide.
  • The “Wide” block width is up to 1200px wide.
  • The “Full” block width extends the entire width of the screen.
  • There are two widget areas in the footer with a maximum column width of 570px.
  • The recommended Featured Image size is 1980px wide by 1485px high.