Navbars and Menus

If you go to: Dashboard > Appearance > Menus
Then click the Manage Locations tab.

You’ll see five locations…

  • Desktop Horizontal Menu
  • Desktop Expanded Menu
  • Mobile Menu
  • Footer Menu
  • Social Menu

Desktop Horizontal Menu

This is the standard menu that displays in the header navigation area.

As an alternative to the desktop horizontal menu you can use the desktop expanded menu.

The Desktop Horizontal Menu
The Desktop Horizontal Menu

Desktop Expanded Menu

This menu look similar to a mobile menu. The label says Menu and there are three dots. When you click to open the menu, a menu slides out from the side of the screen.

The Desktop Expanded Menu
The Desktop Expanded Menu

Mobile Menu

The mobile menu displays on mobile phones. So, if you wanted to. You could show one menu to desktop users. And show a different menu to mobile users.

For instance, if you were a photographer with very high resolution images on your site. You could make a set of pages with lower resolution images just for mobile visitors.

The Mobile Menu

Footer menu

The footer menu displays below your post or page content. And above the footer widget area.

You can not add drop-down links in the footer menu.

The Footer Menu with Social icons
The Footer Menu with Social icons

Social Menu

The social menu displays to the right hand side of your footer menu. You can link to, and display icons for, the major social media sites. Paste your social media page url in the URL box of a custom link. And type the name of the site in the navigation label box.