Options Available in Twenty Twenty Theme

Twenty Twenty theme has…

  • a retina logo option
  • three page templates
  • five menu locations
  • a search button in the header
  • color options for site header & site footer
  • color options for the page or post content area
  • a background image option for the content area
  • accent color setting
  • two footer widget areas
  • many font weights built in
  • pullquotes that can sit outside of the box

Twenty Twenty Has Excellent Support for the Block Editor

If you’re considering using the new WordPress block editor, this is the theme for you! All of the built in WordPress blocks are styled beautifully in the Twenty Twenty theme. This really is a good introduction for anyone wanting to test the water.

My advice is, now’s the time to jump in. The water’s lovely.

Special Features

If you’ve used WordPress and the block editor in the past, most of the settings in Twenty Twenty are easy to understand. But there are some things that you need to know.

Such as…

Color Settings

When you choose a background color, WordPress automatically selects the best text color to match up with that background color.

This makes sure your page is readable and accessible to people who are sight impaired. It takes time to get used to this way of working. But once you understand how it works and why it’s necessary, I think you’ll love it. I know I do.

The color settings are
  • Accent: buttons and links
  • Primary: text color
  • Secondary: text color
  • Subtle Background: useful for highlighting grouped boxes
  • Main Background: content area background color
Other color settings

The Header & Footer have a background color setting.

And the Cover Template has an overlay color setting, overlay opacity setting and a cover template text color setting. The cover template header section will default to the accent color, unless you select a different color.

You could have one color for the cover template overlay. And a different color for the header section of pages that use the default page template.

The three Page Templates

Twenty Twenty theme has three page templates

  • Default Page Template
  • Cover Page Template
  • Full Width Page Template