Twenty Twenty Overview Videos

These videos give you a general overview of the settings available in the Twenty Twenty theme by WordPress.

Twenty Twenty Theme Overview
Change the content area background color in Twenty Twenty theme
Changing Footer colors in Twenty Twenty theme
Choosing a page template in Twenty Twenty theme
Primary Color settings (links and buttons) in Twenty Twenty theme
Changing the cover template overlay color in Twenty Twenty theme
Menu Locations in Twenty Twenty theme
Extra Settings in Twenty Twenty theme

These videos are about the block editor…

The Block Editor, a simple workflow

Block Toolbars And Block Settings

Other Stuff…

Using Unsplash to find and download free images for your website

Service Business Homepage

I’ve made a template you can copy and paste into your own site. You can see the template and get the code here.

I also recommend that you visit Gill Andrew’s website. I based the layout for this homepage on a template Gill gives away on her site.

Adding Pages and a Menu to your website

In this video I build the basic sructure of your website.

Writing a Basic Blog Post

Writing posts and pages using the WordPress blog editor is easier than you might think. If you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend you give it a go.