The Full Width Template

The full width template is made for page builders

If you use a page builder such as Beaver Builder or Elementor, the full width page template is just what you need. If you’re not using Beaver Builder or Elementor, you probably won’t use the full width template.

The Full Width Template

This is a full width template, it uses the default header and footer. But the content area of the page or post is wider. You only notice this on wide screens.

There are three templates

  • The full width template has wide paragraphs
  • The default template has narrow paragraphs
  • The cover template has narrow paragraphs
  • The footer section is the same for all templates

The header section

The full width template uses the default header and footer layouts.

The content area paragraphs

The big difference is the paragraphs are wider, when you view your site on a wide screen.

If you view this post on a wide screen the paragraphs are very wide. You are currently viewing a full width template. The default template has a narrow content area, so the paragraphs are narrower. The narrower paragraphs of the default template makes the text easier to read.

In the default template some blocks have a wide width or full width option, but paragraphs do not.

The content area of the full width template is much wider than the content area of the default template.

By Philip Gledhill

I've been building websites since 1995. I usually use Genesis, GeneratePress and Beaver Builder. But Twenty Twenty theme is just so good I couldn't help myself. I had to tell you what a great theme this is in the hope you'll try it out.